The Interface showroom had grand plans but lacked a grand budget. Hammersmith worked alongside the client and architect to optimise available resources and achieve the key objectives of the brief and design.

They delivered a great outcome for the project—exceptional quality and value for money. The client was over the moon.

CBRE Global Corporate Services

Interface showroom

Level 3, 4 Kyabra Street, Newstead

Interface—a global manufacturer of modular carpet flooring—sought to create a unique environment for their Brisbane showroom. One where designers and customers could experience their large product range in a comfortable, welcoming setting. However, there was a considerable gap between what the architect and client hoped to achieve and the budget they had to work with. Hammersmith was called in to attempt to bridge the gap.

We worked closely with the architect and project manager to establish a hierarchy of design objectives. As joinery was the major component, we partnered with Arris Projects to come up with efficient solutions—including how to negotiate the building’s tiny lift. With careful consultation, negotiation and design management, Hammersmith delivered the construction solutions to achieve the client and architect objectives within the budget constraints.

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