Banks are always challenging. With high-level security and complicated back-of-house, there’s a lot of stuff you don’t really understand until you’ve done one.

The Citibank project presented a further raft of issues in terms of timing, design management, project management and site access—each a major challenge in its own right. Hammersmith pulled it together and made it happen. It was a difficult job with a positive outcome.

Paul Watson

Director, Arris Projects

Citibank Queen Street Mall branch

141 Queen Street, Brisbane

A high profile brand. A highly visible location. A new, standardised design. A short timeframe. A busy public site with difficult access and multiple restrictions. And it’s a bank.

With no other branches like it in Brisbane, and no design specification relating to the proposed site, Hammersmith bundled up the core construction team and flew to Sydney to inspect the new model for the Citibank branch. We went to great lengths to understand what the client and architect were aiming to achieve, and how we could deliver that for the flagship Queen Street Mall branch.

The Citibank project wasn’t short on challenges. But with careful management, a strong team and lots of late nights and early mornings, we delivered—and without breaking the bank.
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